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This page has lived here for years as a hypothetical account of upcoming runs of games, but let's face it: I never update the website often enough for any such list to be useful. Instead, if you want to know about upcoming runs and other shenanigans, you can sign up for our mailing list! It's even a Google group now, for ease of signups.

Buuut also the top-of-site menu is hardcoded onto every page because of who I am as a person, so let this also serve as the list of our games which we are willing to run at the drop of a hat. Like, seriously, if you email us and say "hey, we have fully vaccinated players and space, come run this game," we'll probably come run that game.

A Crown of Hearts: 16 players, 4 hours, several large rooms with doors. We'll also need to rustle up more GMs for this one.

The Exponents of Love: 7 players, 8 hours, several connected rooms that include comfy couches and a TV.

Into the Silent Sea: 12 players, 3 hours, one large-ish room.

The Inversion of Me and My Room: 10 players, 3-4 hours, one reasonably sized room with some usable side area and a lot of wall space for signs.

Je ne l'ai pas fait exprès : 6 players, 2 hours, one comfortable room.

The Leonids: 12 players, 3-4 hours, some comfy indoor or outdoor space where twelve people can roam and sprawl.

Pod 43: 4 players, 1 hour, one very small room.

The Sound of Drums: 24 players, 5-6 hours, one large room or outdoor space.

Un-Hamlet: 9 players, 3-4 hours, one reasonably sized room.