A page header image shows two theater masks, one cranky and one nervous. The title reads: Paranoid & Crotchety. We write larps.

If you like what we do and want to know when we do it, we have a mailing list! This is super low volume, at most a few posts a year. We use it to announce public runs (i.e. anyone can sign up) of games where we're worried about finding players (i.e. not at Intercon or other big events), which is why it's so low volume. Maybe if we run more games, there will be more emails. Dilemma!

If you like what we do and think it's worth your hard-earned money, we have a Ko-fi! We strongly value the financial accessibility of New England litform larp; events have their own prices, but outside those, we will always try to run for free. But also running games takes money, so we are resorting to the newly-time-honored tradition of artists in hard-to-monetize fields: digital busking.

If you like what we do and want to make it happen for you and your friends, check out this page if you haven't already.