A page header image shows two theater masks, one cranky and one nervous. The title reads: Paranoid & Crotchety. We write larps.

We want to run games more! Or at least Tory does. If you're interested in having her run any of the below games, please contact her at arkady [dot] lizard [at] gmail. (Yeah, we're also going to try to publish a few soon-ish, but that takes documentation and layout time.)

  • If you're within an hour or two of Boston, we'd appreciate it if you could provide (fully vaccinated) players and a gamespace, but we can also help with both those things. (Do assume that games need that exact number of players unless otherwise noted.)
  • If you're within a day's drive of Boston, you will definitely need to provide the gamespace and at least most of the players, since a lot of the players Tory can scare up are Boston-local. She will also need crash space, but will happily drive places.
  • Tory is willing to travel anywhere in the continental US for game-running, honestly, as long as her transport costs are covered. Which is of course its own thing. But if you're interested, talk to us! (And she could totally run multiple of these games back to back.)

The Exponents of Love: 7 players who are all comfortable playing closely with each other, a whole day, several connected rooms that include comfy couches and a TV. It's basically written to run in somebody's house.

Into the Silent Sea: up to 12 players, 3 hours, one large-ish room.

The Inversion of Me and My Room: 10 players, 3-4 hours, one reasonably sized room with some usable side area and a lot of wall space for signs.

Je ne l'ai pas fait exprès : 6 players, 2 hours, one comfortable room.

The Leonids: up to 12 players, 3-4 hours, some comfy indoor or outdoor space where twelve people can roam and sprawl.

Light a Single Candle: up to 12 players, 2-3 hours, one large darkenable room with some separate and available out of game space.

Pod 43: 4 players, 1 hour, one very small room.

Un-Hamlet: 9 players, 3-4 hours, one reasonably sized room.

And here are a few bigger games that would need some more arrangements than "hey Tory, here's some players and a space" but which could be made to happen.

The Carnival of Glories: 10-20-ish players, 6-8 hours, the right space and vibes to run a kink party game. Here primarily because the game has limited appeal, can't necessarily run at every event or space, and needs more lead time than most because there's at least some rewriting needed for every single run. If it's a larger run, we'll probably also want a second GM.

A Crown of Hearts: 16 players, 4 hours, 1-2 large rooms and 2-3 side rooms with doors or other separation. This needs a lot of space and also we'll need to rustle up like fifty GMs. Well, three or four, but that's still a lot.

The Sound of Drums: up to 24 players, 5-6 hours, one large room or outdoor space. It's just big and a lot of locals have played, so it's a little hard to fill by now. Also having a second GM really helps this game.